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[Menu Bar] Research efforts by the ITS Research Program have produced applications that may be executed over the network. Following the links below will give you further information about how to execute each of the applications.

  • Trafnet displays real-time, Seattle area traffic conditions on your Window's based PC. Unlike a Web site, TrafNet stores all graphics on your computer and only uses the Internet to obtain small data files. The program is freely available and useable by all interested persons.

  • The Busview program is currently available as a Java applet. It allows the user to check on the current status of Metro buses in King County by displaying a real-time map. The bus information is updated approximately every minute.

  • The Seattle Smart Traveler (SST) program was a unique, on-line ridematching system developed as part of the SWIFT project. It allowed people to perform "on-demand" carpooling as well as traditional carpooling. This meant that you could look for one-time only rides for special trips or you could look for a person to share your daily commute. SST also helped riders communicate instantly, electronically with other travelers. An off-line demonstration of the SST program can still be viewed at the SST web site even though the dynamic, on-line version is no longer active.
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(February 25, 1999)

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