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[Menu Bar] Listed below are publications produced by members of the ITS Research Program. Reports and articles are in PDF format. This requires Adobe Acrobat Reader software which can be downloaded free from Adobe. [Adobe Acrobat GIF]

CCTV Technical Report, Phase 3 03/10/06
(WSDOT, Dec. 2005)
The Automated Use of Un-Calibrated CCTV Cameras as Quantitative Speed Sensors, Phase 3 03/10/06
(WSDOT, Dec. 2005)
Wireless Internet Access To Real-Time Transit Information Article (Trans. Research Board)
A Novel Technique to Dynamically Measure Vehicle Speed using Uncalibrated Roadway Cameras
Article (IEEE, IV'05)
Corridor Travel Time Using Transit Vehicles as Probes Article (Trans. Research Board, 2003)
Transit Vehicles as Traffic Probe Sensors Article (Trans. Research Board, 2002)
A Prescription for Transit Arrival/Departure Prediction Using Automatic Vehicle Location Data Article (Trans. Res. C, 2001)
A Self Describing Data Transfer Methodology for ITS Applications Article (ITSC Transactions, Dec. 2002)
Article (Trans. Research Board, 1999)
Article (IEEE ITSC, 1997)
Report (WSDOT, Jan. 1999)
An Algorithm to Estimate Mean Traffic Speed Using Uncalibrated Cameras Article (IEEE Trans. on ITSC, June 2000)
An Algorithm and Implementation to Predict the Arrival of Transit Vehicles Article (ITSC, 2000)
An Algorithm for Predicting the Arrival Time of Mass Transit Vehicles Using Automatic Vehicle Location Data Article (Trans. Research Board, 1999)
Automatic Transit Location System Abstract
AVL-Equipped Vehicles as Traffic Probe Sensors Report (WSDOT/TransNow, Jan. 2002)
Busview: an APTS Precursor and a Deployed Applet Report (WSDOT, June 2000)
Busview and Transit Watch: an Update on Two Products from the Seattle SMART TREK Model Deployment Initiative Article (World Congress, 1999)
A Cellular Automata Model for Use with Real Freeway Data Report (WSDOT, Jan. 2002)
Data Fusion for Multimodal Traveler Information in a Wireless Environment Article (World Congress, 1996)
Demonstration of an Advanced Public Transportation System in the Context of an IVHS Regional Architecture Article (World Congress, 1994)
A Framework for Dynamically Measuring Mean Vehicle Speed Using Un-Calibrated Cameras General Exam (Suree Pumrin, Dec. 2001)
Irregularly Sampled Transit Vehicles Used as a Probe Vehicle Traffic Sensor Report (TransNow, March 1999)
ITS Data Fusion Report (WSDOT, April 1996)
IVHS Backbone Design and Demonstration Abstract
IVHS Data and Information Structure Abstract
MyBus: Helping Bus Riders Make Informed Decisions Article (Intelligent Systems, Jan-Feb 2001)
Real-time Bus Information on Mobile Devices Article (ITSC, 2001)
Seattle Smart Traveler Article (World Congress 1996)
Article (Trans. Research Board, 1997)
Article (Trans. Research C, 1999)
Smart Trek: A Model Deployment Initiative Report (WSDOT, May 2001)
A Statistical Algorithm for Estimating Speed from Single Loop Volume and Occupancy Measurements Article (Trans. Research B, 1999)
A Structured Approach to Developing Real-Time, Distributed Network Applications for ITS Deployment Article (ITS Journal, 1996)
SWIFT: Technical and Institutional Issues of an Operational Test from a Public Sector Perspective Article (World Congress, 1995)
Traffic Data Acquisition and Distribution (TDAD) Report (WSDOT, May 2002)
Travel-Time Estimates Using a Series of Single Loop Volume and Occupancy Measurements Article (Trans. Research Board, 1997)
The Use of Uncalibrated CCTV Cameras to Estimate Mean Traffic Speed Report (WSDOT/TransNow, Dec. 2001)
The Use of Wireless Internet Service to Access Real-Time Transit Information Article (World Congress, 2002)
Video Image Processing to Create a Speed Sensor Report (WSDOT/TransNow, March 1999)

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March 10, 2006

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