ITS Research Program, UW

[Menu Bar] Research efforts by the ITS Research Program have produced various pieces of software that are available by following the links below.
  • A regional ITS backbone that allows agencies and organizations to share real-time date on current traffic conditions.

  • Trafnet displays real-time, Seattle area traffic conditions on your Window's based PC. Unlike a Web site, TrafNet stores all graphics on your computer and only uses the Internet to obtain small data files. The program is freely available and useable by all interested persons.

  • loop_client is a Unix program which provides occupancy, speed and volume data for individual loop sensors embedded in Seattle area freeways.

  • The Kalman Filter is a C program component which can be incorporated into existing code to produce speed estimates from single loop data, such as that obtained from loop_client.
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(November 24, 1997)

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