The material below was written for earlier models of Palm. Palm has since dropped support for the 'web-clipping' approach (using .pqa files). Instead, if you have a newer networked Palm, such as the Tungsten, you are apt to have an html-compatible browser, and things are much simpler.

Just aim your browser at:

This page will allow you to enter a location ID, or a location ID and route number. (Choosing a single route reduces the amount of data transmitted to your Palm.) The result will be a display that has all of the information found in the usual MyBus displays, but with extraneous material removed so as to minimize the byte count.

The above web site could be useful to any mobile platform that supports an HTML browser, where the display is wide enough to accomodate the data format, and where there is a desire to have a reduced data delivery (compared with the regular MyBus web site). There is nothing here that is specific to the Palm.

Following are the original instructions for accessing MyBus from older model Palms. These are likely obsolete, since Palm dropped web-clipping support and shut down their Palmnet service at the end of August, 2004. This material is here for historical interest, and since it includes pictures of MyBus presentation on a Palm. Palm users who wish to use a WAP browser instead of HTML browser (for more compact data display, and therefore a smaller cost if you are paying by the byte transmitted) are directed to the MyBus WAP page.


In preliminary efforts to make MyBus bus predictions available on networked Palm handheld computers (such as the Palm VII), we have tested MyBus using the Palm emulator program, running primarily the Palm VII rom files. (Results may vary on a real Palm.)

There are two approaches to putting MyBus info on the Palm:

  1. Loading a web clipping program into the Palm, and linking to a special MyBus demo page.
  2. Loading a WAP browser program into the Palm and linking to the same MyBus WAP site that serves cellular phones.

MyBus web clipping application

A very basic MyBus web clipping application may be downloaded from this site. Save this file (MyBus.pqa) onto your computer by right-clicking on the link, and then choosing 'save link as..' or 'save target as..'. Then install the application into your Palm. Once the application is loaded, simply select the MyBus icon from the applications, and then enter the numerical code for your bus stop location. (You may find the code for your location here.) MyBus will display upcoming departures (all routes) from this bus stop. The display gives the route number, route destination, scheduled departure time, and departure status. Note: This display shows info for all routes at your location, and it has not yet been completely optimized to reduce byte count. You may not want to use this if you are paying by the byte for your connection.

WAP browser

Any WAP browser that runs on the Palm should permit connecting to the MyBus WAP site:

(For a full description of the MyBus WAP site, see our WAP overview page.)

We have tried WAPman, which may be downloaded from Edgemamtrix .

To use WAPman: